The 2016 Outlook on Video Conferencing

Re-post article by Larry Dorie from CorporateTechDecisions.com

Larry Dorie currently serves as CEO of RHUB Communications, the creator of a 6-in-1 collaboration solution called TurboMeeting. Prior to RHUB, he was founder and CEO of two start-ups, eB2X and Semantic Sciences.

Enterprises are often faced with identifying new and cost effective ways to facilitate connectivity and communications across an entire workforce. That’s why it’s no surprise that online meeting solutions will continue to soar in 2016 as companies drive even more demand for seamless communications throughout decentralized work teams. This includes teams who work across various locations, including multiple locations around the globe.

Moreover, with so many companies now meeting online, they have an even stronger demand for video solutions that enhance the interactive environment of their virtual meetings. Some experts are even touting that 75% of senior management agrees that video conferencing will replace “voice-only” conference calls.

Additionally, as we look to the year ahead, it’s important to consider the impact that technology will continue to have on video tools and collaboration solutions. Things like mobile applications that make it easier for employees to connect while on-the-go, solutions that make it simple for companies to provide virtual customer service and tech support, and even technologies that enhance data protection and security will be essential to a world that is becoming more global, mobile and virtual.

With this in mind, below are three key trends to consider for ensuring that your company is well prepared for managing its collaboration solutions in this New Year.

Mobile Trends

The on-the-go workforce will continue to need ways to communicate and manage projects from virtually anywhere. That’s why it’s important to consider using video conferencing platforms that have a high-performance mobile interface, making it easier for mobile workers to connect to web meetings and webinars while working or traveling offsite. Since connecting to video conferences via a mobile device can be a major productivity enhancement, it’s important to select collaboration platforms that have high definition videos to ensure quality and performance while connecting via smartphones or tablet devices.

Social Media Impact

The video craze is continuing to grow with millions of users consuming it each day. In fact, just last year Facebook reported that their users watch an average of four billion videos daily, causing them to significantly improve their platform’s infrastructure to support the strong demand. Moreover, social media lovers are carrying over their desire for video into the business realm with well over half (54%) of respondents in a WebMetrics user survey sharing that they now use video in over 25% of their web conferences. With this in mind, it’s important to have a strong video conference platform that can deliver high-speed streaming, along with clarity and quality as a way to keep your work teams engaged in important business meetings.

Security Considerations

Video and web conferencing is not only being used for business meetings that often share propriety data, but also by government teams (needing to protect national security details) and health care organizations (needing to protect patient data). That’s why it’s important to do a security check in 2016 on your current video conference platform. Be sure that your platform uses strong SSL encryption, which is critical for ensuring transmission security for web conferencing applications. Moreover, use a combination of proprietary encryption as well as SSL encryption, so that your organization can transmit meeting IDs and passwords in an encrypted and secure way. In addition, see if your video conference platform allows you to operate it behind your own firewall, like an on-premise solution. This will allow you to restrict access to internal meetings through your private cloud.

By factoring in these latest trends into your video conferencing solutions for 2016, you will be better equipped at maintaining connectivity in a cost effective, productive and secure way. The good news is, it is anticipated that new and innovative solutions will be launching this year that will help organizations to better address their need for comprehensive business collaboration tools.