4 Ways IT Companies Improve Productivity Through Video Conferencing

Re-post article by Asian Correspondent from asiancorrespondent.com

Running a team, whether it’s a group of IT experts or marketing gurus, essentially comes down to the same things. You’re always on the lookout for effective ways to boost productivity. You want your team to improve, to do their best, to deliver winning results. Here are four things you can do to help your team achieve all that:

Invest in the right tools

Tools should make your life easier. If you can improve the way you do your business, do it faster, make the process more seamless, take fewer steps, then there’s every reason to do it. One such tool is video conferencing technology. Given the ton of benefits it offers users, video conferencing is fast becoming one of the technologies companies can no longer live without. This is especially true for IT companies that need to be on the forefront of cutting-edge solutions when it comes to providing their clients and teams with better ways to reach out to each other and communicate.

Improve collaboration

When it comes to video conferencing technology, well-known provider of web-based video solutions Blue Jeans offers its best video conferencing equipment for IT. With features designed to encourage team collaborations, your staff can now easily upload slides or images, share audio as well as visual content, wherever and whenever they happen to be. So if you’ve got several IT teams on remote and working around the clock to install better IT systems to protect the company’s data and processes, then video conferencing is one way for you to encourage your teams to work together, sans geographical barriers, Mobile Village says. This way, when something comes up and urgent results are necessary, you can count on your team to push through and work together until they come up with a viable plan or course of action.

Provide work flexibility

Everybody knows people work better when they feel appreciated, when they know their work and contribution to the company matters. Happy and content employees also stay longer at their jobs. When people tender in their resignations, companies lose out on the training and investment they put into that employee. But the longer they stay, the more companies are able to rely on the improved skills and training of their employees. With video conferencing solutions, it’s now easier than ever for IT companies to offer their hardworking employees work-from-home perks. This is ideal for parents who want to spend more time at home. By providing these employees with flexible work schedules, even small companies or those just starting out on their own in the business, are able to get access to talents they wouldn’t have had otherwise. The Harvard Business Review mentions how Jet Blue allows high-ability mothers who have the qualifications and skills they need to report to work from places 3 hours away from HQ. Offering employees with flexibility in when and where they work helps improve employee contentment. IT companies can certainly highlight this feature. As a gesture, it sends the right message to employees. Companies changing their HR policies to allow for work from home setups are telling their employees one thing: your comfort matters to us. You matter. And it’s that kind of appreciation that lets employees know they’re more than just cogs in the wheel. That their contribution to the company, their sacrifices, the effort and heart they put into the work, aren’t all lost in the abyss. With video conferencing making work from home arrangements possible, companies now have a way to show employees how important they are to the organization.

Provide better ways of communication

Since video conferencing allows employees to stay in touch any time, every where, staff members are well able to keep up daily communications with team mates who happen to deployed to offsite locations, or working from home, even if that home happens to be several continents and a time zone away. IT companies, especially a lot of startup IT companies, now have a chance to expand to other markets on a global scale without having to spend a lot of their capital on staying and keeping in touch. Video conferencing provides IT companies with a cost-effective solution to their communication problems. No need to spend a lot on hardware and expensive upgrades. Nor is there any need to spend on travel tickets and fares to allow management teams to look after remote staff or to let on and offsite employees meet. With video conferencing, IT companies can easily communicate with each other and their clients as well as save up on travel costs.

With video conferencing, it’s easy to take care of your employees, to monitor them, no matter where they happen to be. And that care, along with the flexibility you offer them via video conferencing are all effective in driving productivity levels even higher.