Conferencing Advisors Mission To You

Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their business objectives by delivering the most effective videoconferencing solutions.

Our expert advice and personal assistance with design, purchasing, implementation, and utilization, aids our clients in accomplishing their goals using video conferencing to enhance their business, all at the lowest possible investment.


Founded in 2004, Conferencing Advisors is a leading icon in the videoconferencing industry. The founders are successful entrepreneurs who have been experts in the video industry for 15 years. Their vision was to provide their client base with the most effective videoconferencing solutions while keeping the clients’ investments as low as possible. Conferencing Advisors is a privately owned company whose core expertise is videoconferencing equipment and service integration. Our business strategy focuses on the way our clients want to apply technology to their business requirements. The solutions we design, sell and support are powerful business tools and are exactly what our clients need to gain returns on their investments.

Our Technical and Sales Engineers are the best in the industry, combining over 100 years of videoconferencing experience, to provide integration and support for our clients. We focus on helping our customers develop and improve their businesses with unlimited help desk support and if necessary can deploy one of our representatives to your site to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

We are a rapidly growing company partnered with the best manufacturers and suppliers. We are proud to be on the forefront of this phenomenal industry and look forward to continuing our vision in providing our client base with state of the art equipment and quality videoconferencing solutions.


When it comes to choosing a technology partner, I look specifically for subject matter expertise and great service both during the sale process and after deployment. When I find such a partner, I become a very loyal customer. After working with Conferencing Advisors and experiencing their great service and depth of knowledge, I look forward to working with them again to provide our conferencing technology needs. I highly recommend Conferencing Advisors.

Manager Global IT Operations & Support, Big Band Networks

We had a large videoconferencing and audio visual project that was quite complex. Conferencing Advisors did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and tuned to your needs partner. We had used different vendors before and found them difficult to work with. We never got the quality of work we expected for our money. Conferencing Advisors made my job easy, made me look good and I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

IT Operations, Facebook

I highly recommend Conferencing Advisors. We were faced with the daunting task of providing a seamless conferencing experience across multiple offices, spread across California and Nevada. Conferencing Advisors took care of everything, from installation to configuration, and the project was a wonderful success!

Procurement Specialist, PCL Construction

Debra Traub and Conferencing Advisors did a fantastic job in assisting us with selecting, purchasing and implementing a new company-wide video conferencing system. We have been long time video conferencing users and were looking for a solution that would meet our company’s growing needs and add versatility to connect our field crews to our office staff. We wanted something that was easy to use, could be accessed from conference rooms, desktops and smartphones at the same time. Debra met with us to discuss how we do business and what our needs were and from that selected a system that would best suit Fuscoe Engineering. She walked us through the entire process of testing, purchasing and implementation. We have been using the system for 6 months and it’s been a great success. We were able to connect staff far easier than previously and as a result business decisions can be made more efficiently and projects moved ahead at a faster pace. Thank you Debra and Conferencing Advisors for all your assistance!

Senior Technology Manager, Fuscoe Engineering

First I would like to tell you how unbelievably thoughtful, helpful, and responsive you are. You fall well into that Category, (which has become less in numbers) of Absolute Customer Support and Assistance, even when dealing with crazy people. You have always tried to get a task completed as soon as you possibly could. We appreciate all you do for us. Thank you

Executive Officer, CMAA


By its very nature, videoconferencing is a “green” technology with a wide range of benefits for corporations, individual employees, and the community at large. Video can be an essential tool for developing an integrated environmental program that raises employee satisfaction, reduces costs, and increases productivity and shareholder value. One innovative way for environmentally conscious companies to realize measurable return on their video investment is to develop an effective “telework,” or “telecommuting” program.


Travel comes at a human and environmental cost; constant flying around the world isn’t sustainable for people or the planet. Jets, trains and automobiles convert fossil fuel into carbon dioxide at an alarming rate. For many companies, business travel is the single largest source of CO2 emissions – and we are now fully aware of the environmental consequences of our actions.

As awareness has grown, companies face increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint from all sides: governments, consumers, competitors, activists, customers and their own employees – yet still deliver successful business results. What if you could connect more with partners around the world, avoid the time and expense of travel, and greatly reduce your carbon footprint at the same time?