Health Care and Education Pushing Global Videoconferencing Market Growth

Re-post article by John from Advancedav.com

The videoconferencing market is booming; technology allows us to do more than ever before, and businesses are connecting with consumers all over the globe. The industry is already valued at $3.69 billion and continues to rise. In fact, experts forecast videoconferencing will grow 8.5 percent by 2023, reaching $7.85 billion in value. What’s driving this growth?

Industries everywhere are implementing videoconferencing technology. Not only does it offer a global solution for international companies, it’s also cost-effective. Companies can expand their reach, whether to customers or employees, worldwide, without the prohibitive costs. The health and education sectors have seen significant changes, and these two industries are major driving forces in the implementation of videoconferencing.

Remote Visits and Treatment Reshaping the Health Care Industry

Health care companies use videoconferencing technology in a variety of ways. Cloud-based collaboration solutions, videoconferencing, and the looming Internet of Things have fueled the expansion of health care services worldwide. Now, health care workers can practice anywhere in the world and still keep in touch with home base. A doctor working with patients in Africa can easily collaborate on treatment plans with his supervisors back in the United States.

Furthermore, many hospitals have begun implementing remote patient monitoring and tele-consultation technology. Patients can visit with a doctor without ever leaving the house. Follow-ups after a treatment are easier than ever because doctors can check in with patients remotely. This important and impressive step forward in health care is possible only because of videoconferencing technology.

Videoconferencing Offers New Educational Opportunities

The education industry relies on videoconferencing technology just as heavily. Online learning has become much more commonplace in our society, and videoconferencing is playing a massive role. People are obtaining an education in locations where it was previously difficult or even impossible. Some of the finest educational institutions in the world offer online tutorials, seminars, and lessons through video, allowing students to get a high-quality education no matter where they may be.

Videoconferencing Solutions Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Many companies looking to implement videoconferencing technology wonder which method of deployment is the right one. Each method has its own considerations when it comes to cost, scalability, security, and ease of use. Perhaps the reason the health and education sectors are driving the videoconferencing market so much is because these industries both use a variety of deployment methods. Cloud-based, on-premises, managed videoconferencing services all come with their own individual features and benefits. Whether working or teaching remotely, attending inter-department meetings, or collaborating over a secure network, the health and education industries welcome and embrace its flexibility, and use videoconferencing technology in a multitude of ways.

Videoconferencing and collaboration technology greatly increases productivity and improves efficiency. And health and education aren’t the only ones using it, either. Governmental bodies and defense companies, the media and entertainment industry, retailers, and a plethora of other industries use videoconferencing technology. Truly, it’s changing the way we do business.

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