Lifesize – First Ever 4k Video Conferencing

Michael Helmbrecht speaks to UC Today about why Lifesize feel 4k is the only option for video conferencing

Lifesize – First Ever 4k Video Conferencing

As Lifesize formally announced the first ever 4k video conferencing software into the Unified Comms market, I posed four killer questions to Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Operations Officer. I wanted to find out just exactly who is primed to use 4k video, how long it until it will be the norm, what is holding people back now and why Lifesize will be a force to reckon with in 2019.

Outside of the niche use cases, where do you see 4K video conferencing being used?

“Organisations specialising in medical, creative and manufacturing will immediately want 4K, but we see the technology as a futureproof solution for anyone that wants the absolute best quality communication. From sharing information and collaborating on projects, to promoting products and selling services, to attracting talent and closing business, your ability to communicate effectively is what ultimately drives your company forward—from what it is to what it can be”.

How long until 4K is the norm?

“With the 4K Lifesize Icon 700 priced alongside competing 720p solutions, why would you even consider a holding on to standard HD quality? Get a meeting room experience that’s 10X better than anything else in the market. People don’t buy 720p TVs for rooms anymore, they buy 4K because it’s the best, it’s future proof and the prices now can’t be beat. The same is true for our solution – the combination of quality, value and ease of use makes our solution an incredible, future proof experience that is easy to use and a great value. Once people realise this and see it, we think organisations will increasingly choose to not settle for anything less than the Lifesize 4K solution”.

What are the restrictions holding back adoption across the board? It’s usually bandwidth, right?

“Internet bandwidth is usually top of mind but with our 4k global video calling solution, the exceptional quality shines through even in less than ideal environments. In a world where just good enough has become acceptable, we set out to engineer the absolute best video conferencing experience possible—the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications—at a breakthrough price point”.

What’s the standout reason people will buy from Lifesize in 2019?

“Because video communication is more than just a meeting tool. The grand ambition of every video communications provider should be to create an experience that is better than life. Only Lifesize can offer the service and the technology to pursue this vision—leaning on more than a decade of proven expertise to integrate and introduce these untouchable innovations that will change the way you work. Lifesize designs, builds and supports the conference room hardware, software and the service that ties it all together, making the experience excellent and effortless from day one. Our customers know they have a true partner in Lifesize who understands their unique needs and is deeply dedicated to their success. And as a result, we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate our industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 84”.

Michael was commenting following the launch of Lifesize’s 4K video conferencing solution and redesigned cloud architecture – the first to do so in the industry.

The 4K global cloud service architecture and Icon 700 conference solution with full-motion 4K content sharing, and premium audio clarity is priced at $7,499. Highlights of the new solution include:

  • 4K video conferencing with full-motion content sharing in 4K
  • Native integration with easy-to-use cloud service designed for live 4K video
  • Ultra-wideband Opus audio for exceptional audio clarity optimised for human speech
  • The industry’s highest quality for multiparty calls and recordings

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