Why You Should Have Online Video Conferencing Regularly

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Online video conferencing has taken organizations by storm. Many companies are exploiting this technology to their advantage. There are still many businesses unaware of the potential of video conferencing. Here’s why your IT department should conduct online conferencing for IT regularly using services like Blue Jeans.

Flexible Workplace

Online video conferencing improves workplace flexibility. A study done by global workplace analytics as reported on PC mag shows that there is 3.7 million U.S. workforce working from home half the time. Video conference has changed the traditional office and provides the flexible work timings where employees can spend time with their families and children and yet grow professionally. This trend allows employers to employ professional people outside the geographical boundaries. Working remotely allows businesses to connect quickly with their IT employees to seek professional advice from anywhere in the world.

Increased Engagement

Research shows that people usually multi-task during a phone call rather than a video call. Video conference is more engaging and offers visuals allowing companies to understand their customers and employees better. Businesses can also ensure that employees are paying attention during the conference. As majority of the people are visual learners, it is a compelling case for video conferencing.

Increased Productivity

One of the ways to increase productivity is to share a screen. It helps you save time rather than sending huge files over emails. Screen sharing keeps the team engaged as it allows everyone to be in sync. There is no chance for miscommunication and loss of details. As the entire team is participating, listening, and contributing, it helps increased productivity.

Improved Communication

Online video conferencing fosters better communication and team experience as the meetings can be conducted any time and anywhere with various tools to improve communication. People can share their progress real-time and keep the current status of the project updated. They can also discuss projects, get training to upgrade their skills, and go through performance reviews and have group study circles.

The collaborative notes, video streaming, and other advanced technologies provide a wealth of experience and take collaboration to a new height which no other communication mode can match.

Quality Leads

Having regular meetings with customers help them to understand your products better, and your presentation will stay on top of their mind. It will help generate more leads and also assist in increasing the lead quality. As people attend your meetings since they express interest in your product, you will be readily getting more information about their contacts, demographic data, psychographic information since the customers have committed their time to learn. You can convert these prospective customers into fans by taking this chance and providing value.

Content Marketing

Video conferencing can be used to deliver content as visual, and an interactive material is the trend of the content marketing. Utilizing webinars and recordings to distribute valuable content can be the best way to attract customers. According to the Institute of content marketing, 66 percent of B2B marketers was of the opinion that webinars are successful form of content marketing while 62 percent said that videos are the most efficient method of content creation.

Establish As a Thought Leader

It provides an opportunity for you to establish as a leader in that category. With informative and unique webinars, you can create a buzz in the marketplace with your unique IT concepts and establish yourself as a brand where people want to listen to you. Once people find value in the content you deliver, more people will start listening to you on a regular basis and start converting giving you more business.

New Opportunities

You can use it for bringing in new guests as your partners to promote your services and products. It can have high effect in building a good relationship with the audience. You can also have a strategic partnership with them, which can help you increase number of customers. It will help you to bring new content to the public and increase your brand exposure, which will ultimately lead to more business.

Fine Tune Your Message

Due to real-time feedback visually from the audience on the level of the engagement, your message can be customized and improved to resonate with the public. It helps you deliver the better message and adapt to the circumstances. You can quickly figure out working system. You can assess yourself and your presentation skills, which will give you scope to improve, making yourself better with each passing conference.

In conclusion, it is now a necessity to hold regular video conferences with employees and customers to stay on top of people’s minds and drive organization’s goals and services in this competitive market. It is the best technology that can help you grow by keeping in touch with all the stakeholders of your business all the time.