Installation Services

Conferencing Advisors has been a leading value added reseller and integrator of audio visual equipment since 2005.  We have developed a strong and reliable skill set in helping our clients determine their solutions needs. This would include evaluation and development of our client’s needs to develop the most effective solutions.  We help our clients determine the right network solution and equipment that will best fit their environment. CAI primarily operates in the USA, but we have and will assist with installation anywhere in the world.

Once the proposed solution has been formulated we can then begin the installation process.

Maintenance and Support

Conferencing Advisors has been operating since 2005 and has a world of knowledge with all types of conferencing equipment.  We have experience with all types of networks, from ISDN to MPLS and now Cloud based services so we are sure our help desk can handle any issues that may arise.

Access to Conferencing Advisors technical support engineers who assist in solving issues by phone Monday through Friday, excluding national and local holidays.

Provides expedited replacement of all covered, failed hardware parts. If telephone technical support determines that there is a hardware part failure or if there is an obvious malfunction, a replacement part will be shipped on for next business day delivery. The customer is required to return the defective part within five days of resolution.

Test your system at one of our video test facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Live face-to-face testing with a support engineer is also available during standard business hours.

For issues that cannot be resolved remotely, Conferencing Advisors provides next business day best effort on-site support and will dispatch a technical engineer to resolve the issue.

Keep your Service up to date and your software upgraded with our Renewal Specialist.

Preinstallation Checklist is created for each site.

Contact Information

Site contact information

Client project manager contact information

Contact information for other trades

Site equipment verification

Determine additional equipment needed

Insure equipment will be onsite prior to installation

Room Readiness

Is power, network, cabling, ready onsite

Confirm all reinstallation work is completed prior install date

Network Requirements

Firewall and Port Set Up

Cloud Account Information

SIP Registration

Project Timeline

Installation Expectations


Schedule date(s)

Remote Installation

Schedule date of installation with client and CAI helpdesk

Insure availability of technical support during clients install

Assist with configuration and registration of equipment

Complete test call from CAI help desk and clients facility

Complete overview remote training with site contact

Receive email confirmation from site contact that installation is complete


Onsite Installation

Track Techs Arrival

Once onsite confirm equipment and site readiness

Install equipment and run cabling

Configure and register equipment

Test equipment and complete test calls

Complete overview training with site contact

Complete sign off form