Seven Ways Video Conferencing Can Benefit Creative Entrepreneurs

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If you’re looking to give your business an extra push, adopting video conferencing as one of your main tools may give you the edge that you need.

According to Forbes, entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they utilize the latest technology, and video conferencing offers a slew of features which, when applied to your creative business, can really boost many of the ways you and your team work together.

Here are seven ways that using video conferencing as a business tool can help you, especially when you’re providing creative services such as freelancing art and design for clients.

1. Cut Costs on Travel and Meetings

This is probably the biggest and most simple benefit of video conferencing. Eliminating the need for constant travel and other expenses associated with in-person conferences can be a financial lifesaver for your bottom line, especially if you’re trying to get your small business off the ground. Additionally, time you would spend on travel and setup is valuable working time lost.

2. Telecommuting Can Boost Morale

It’s important to have the proper balance between work and personal life, and being able to work and communicate from home can really boost the morale of your teammates and employees. Without the extra stress and travel time for in-person meetings, more focus can be paid to the work at hand, and concerns about missing deadlines and meetings will be lessened. For entrepreneurs and artists, the ability to work at home is a huge benefit, and you can make the most of it by utilizing video conferencing as your main method of communication. Consider it a valuable balance between professionalism and a casual work atmosphere.

3. Interact and Share Ideas in Real Time

When you’re collaborating with a creative team, communicating through email or phone conference can be cumbersome and tedious without visuals to accompany what you’re discussing. Emails can flood your inbox and opening attachment after attachment can be counterintuitive as you lose track of the order of progress. Maybe you’re trying to choose the most visually appealing logo or background to go along with your written copy for a client’s website, or really need to compare color palettes in real time as you discuss themes of the content you’re crafting illustrations for. A video conference for the purposes of brainstorming and sharing is the perfect way to get on the same page with your team and throw your ideas together while having a way to visually approach what you’re working on.

4. Better Communication with Clients

If you’re working on a commission for a client and in the midst of design, what better way to share and discuss adjustments than via real-time video conferencing? If you have questions for your client or vice versa, or just want to get their choice when It comes to different options you’re offering, the solution is only a video meeting away. Share files and the progress of your work in real time to make sure you’re on target and delivering the best possible product to your client. Good communication goes a long way, and your clients will appreciate the ability to check in on and discuss what you’re creating for them.

5. Simplify the Hiring Process

PCWorld notes that video conferencing allows you to interact with, collaborate with, and manage your coworkers and staff regardless of your respective locations. When you’re looking to build your team, you don’t want to have distance standing in the way of hiring that amazing artist you’ve discovered. Video interviews make it easier to hire new members of your team for creative collaboration, even if they’re on the other side of the globe. With video conferencing, your biggest communication challenge will simply be learning when to schedule meetings around time zones.

6. More Efficient

According to Inc., teams who use video conferencing will often start to use it for the majority of their communications, and video conferencing can be as casually set up and initialized as a phone call. As you and your team get accustomed to hopping online for video meetings, you’ll find that it’s one of the most seamless and convenient ways to keep in contact, as frequently or infrequently as necessary.

7. Increase Productivity with Extra Features

You’ve already read about the benefits of being able to share in real time, but you might be wondering what makes it so easy. Video conferencing tends to come along with a slew of extra features that can help you to work and share. Some of the advantages of conference calls BlueJeans, for example, include the ability to easily share different media and files as well as storage in the cloud and recording capabilities. The technological advantages of video conferencing make it a logical, user-friendly and intuitive choice for increasing productivity during collaboration.

Thanks to these important factors, it’s easy to see why adopting video conferencing as a main component of your business operations can help you succeed as a creative entrepreneur. Your clients and your creative team may soon be thanking you for the ease and benefits that video conferencing provides.