Six Ways Recording and Sharing Will Change the Way You Work

Re-post article by Julian Fields in Amplify, Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Products.

Video recording and sharing are some of the most innovative tools in the video conferencing industry. Seeing someone face to face far exceeds the effect of an audio conference or email, but being able to record that video call for later viewing or sharing with teams inside or outside of your organization takes this technology to new heights.

Today, you can effortlessly create on-demand videos that are easily accessible from any location, on any device. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the ways that HD video recording and sharing will forever change the way you work, including:

  • Recruiting and training the best of the best
  • Capturing and sharing tribal knowledge
  • Overcoming time zone constraints
  • Enabling BYOD and on-demand information
  • Capturing brilliance at its peak
  • Utilizing recording for more than just meetings

Download your free copy today and when you’re ready to give recording it a try, download a trial of Lifesize Cloud. You’ll have 14 days to try out all the features, including recording and sharing.


Check out the Lifesize Cloud Amplify product page for more information, including how-to videos for recording and sharing your recorded content.