About AVer Information Inc.

AVer leads the industry in solutions for multiuser(s) and teams, utilizing video technology and adaptive learning, in order to improve output and enhance living standards. With an expedited learning experience in the workplace and an enhanced competitive edge over other firms, AVer takes advantage of high tech ingenuity, to facilitate team members and users to network among themselves and to have the ability, to realize extraordinary objectives.

Our Product Catalogue features enterprise class USB Cameras that bring together cloud computing and video conferencing, Enterprise Class USB Cameras for Zoom Rooms that incorporate a multipurpose touch panel, Professional Class PTZ Cameras with tracking technology, Wireless Document Cameras with education applications, Charging Solutions for Mobile Devices with education applications, and Interactive Flat Displays with education applications. We endeavor to provide the best service in the industry, and we work tirelessly to provide a level of support that surpasses the desired results of our clients. We are deeply committed to the Community we live and work in, as well as our Environment. As such, we utilize rigorous green-friendly methods in all our Operations. To learn more, visit us at averusa.com or follow us @AVerInformation.

AVer is dedicated to client satisfaction, well past product acquisition and throughout the product lifespan. The company offers a lifetime guarantee and the AVer team is continuously advancing their support, through their determination to offer groundbreaking high-tech solutions, for today and tomorrow.  

AVer staff exceed expectations, when responding to questions and concerns, by utilizing the most dependable and efficient tools and solutions that are available. Aver offers extensive online support and assistance, with US based live chat, e-mail, and phone services, which are supported by warm, yet proficient and professional representatives.

Professional Plug-N-Play USB PTZ camera for mid to large size rooms


The AVer CAM520 is a professional-class, nonetheless easy to use PTZ camera. The AVer CM520 is ideal and well suited to mid to large size meeting rooms. The CAM520 features a 12X optical zoom, High Definition (HD) 1080p and a soundless Pan/Tilt/Zoom that provides a continuous crystal-clear display, for a video communication experience that is extraordinary. The embedded USB connection is compatible with any computer and can be utilized with your preferred meeting and video software application. Video conferencing has never been easier, you only need to plug in one, single cord.

Choose Your Own Audio System

Choose your own audio system

One of the benefits of using the CAM520 USB PTZ camera, is the ability to select your favored microphone, speaker or sound processing device. With the CAM 520, you have the option to select the audio subsystem you prefer, for video conferencing sessions, webinars, streaming or broadcast meetings. So long as your application is compatible, with the audio subsystem you favor, it will be supported by the AVer CAM520.

12X Optical Zoom with PTZ

12X optical zoom with PTZ

A mixture of features that include 12X true optical zoom, rapid auto-focus actions, and seamless pan, tilt, and zoom proficiencies, enable the CAM520 to catch the slightest elements with total and clean clarity, at all times.

Full 1080p High Definition Video

Full 1080p high definition video

The CAM520, through it’s High Definition 1080p rating, provides for an outstanding video networking experience, by supplying the maximum possible image display quality.

10 Camera Presets

10 camera presets

A single camera preset can be highly restrictive, to the user experience. This is not the case with the CAM520, which permits you to tailor your user experience, by recognizing and memorizing up to 10 PTZ predetermined settings. The remote can effortlessly retrieve each preset, maximizing your efficiency, while also offering you leeway to quickly switch among prespecified positions, in the meeting room.

RS232 Integration Capabilities

RS232 integration competencies

Sophisticated integration competencies, including an RS232 port and VISCA standards, are incorporated into the CAM520. This permits the system be incorporated into a controlled environment, without difficulty. The CSM520 is thereby enabled, to be operated and administered in conjunction with, and through, an AV control panel.