Three Tips to Make Your Mobile Video Collaboration Effective

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Video conferencing has made both personal and professional life easy. According to Pew Research Center, one in five Americans make video calls. Researchers have found that seven percent of cell phone users and 23 percent of Internet users had participated in video calls. Video conferencing can save time and money for IT departments as well if an organization trains their employees to use the video conferencing smartly.

Many people think it is easy to video conference, but the reality is different. If people don’t understand few basics, the way they use could affect the quality of video conferencing compromising the video and audio aspects. If the quality of the video and audio is not good, then the advantage of video conferencing is lost, and employees will stop using it. To make use of the video conferencing using mobiles the following tips should be kept in mind.

Tips to Make Mobile Video Collaboration A Success

Though video conferencing was done on desktops for almost a decade, the use of mobile devices for video conferencing is a recent phenomenon. As recorded by Wainhouse Research over 50 percent of workers use mobile devices at work instead of getting stuck in front of their desks. The participation in video conference through a mobile device is not same as desktops. You need to keep in mind certain aspects for effective video conferencing while using mobile devices.

Prepare Your Environment

Video conference becomes successful only in the right environment. Unless background noise and internet speed, and other aspects are taken care, it cannot be a success. Setting up a favorable environment is a standard procedure that you have to consider to start a video conference. You need to be aware of the situation especially when using mobile devices. It is true that you can video conference from anywhere with mobile devices, but ensure sufficient lighting for clear visuals.

  • Using natural light is best. If not, use bright overhead light for perfect visuals
  • Modern mobile devices can capture wider screen area, unlike webcam so you should adjust accordingly
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds for productive conferencing
  • You can test the visuals in a “selfie mode” and change color and light as needed
  • It is best to avoid backlighting and focus light on the face to ensure better visibility
  • It is a good etiquette to sit upright in the chair while video conferencing rather than be on the bed or slouching on a table.
  • You should always get ready in advance with all the reference materials if needed instead of running around during the conference. It will save time and bandwidth which saves money in the process.
Make Use of Technology to Save Money

There is no doubt that video conferencing saves money. However, use of the right hardware and software can increase savings and make video conference an affordable experience.

You have to choose the right tools and set the configuration to make video conferencing smooth. These tools should be readily compatible with the existing hardware and software available on the mobile devices. According to Blue Jeans, making use of android video conferencing for IT is one of the best things you can do for quicker reach as most professionals today – in the IT sector and otherwise – would like to use a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop. It becomes all the more necessary when individuals travel frequently. Choose professional services and research all the options before making a choice to invest on a video conferencing device. It is the best thing to do to save money.

Placement of Mobile Device

A simple tactic for smooth video conferencing while using a mobile device is to keep it in a stable area. It makes a huge difference for your video conferencing presentation. It is not right to hold the device in your hand while conferencing, although most make the mistake of holding it in their hands.

You can make use of convertible cradles that often come with mobile devices. It helps to keep the device at an angle and also avoid shaking during the presentations. Always place the mobile device to show the viewers a visual from your shoulders up. The more the body language viewers see, the more efficient the video conferencing can be. If you need some height, then you can use necessary tools to increase the height.

A significant advantage of video conferencing through mobile devices is the ability to attend IT meetings from anywhere. The mobile makes it transportable and provides opportunities to work and solve IT issues even when you are on the move. It is one of the significant advances in business technology as it increases productivity while cutting costs. You need to be aware of the importance of setting up your mobile device for productive meetings. If you use the mobile device in the right way, participating in a video conferencing can become a smooth and enjoyable activity.